dahong--letter-headAbout Dahong Pilipino

Now on its 25th year of publication, Dahong Pilipino, the Filipino Canadian Community and Business Directory in British Columbia has earned the distinction as the only Filipino directory of its kind in Canada that had consistently published annual editions for 25 years. Similar Filipino directories in other major Canadian cities that started earlier or at the same time as Dahong Pilipino did not survive that long.

Former community journalist and civic leader Leo B. Cunanan founded the directory in 1991, the same year he was awarded the Lingkod sa Kapwa Pilipino (LINKAPIL) or Service to Compatriots award from President Corazon Aquino at the Malacanang Palace in Manila. He was the founder and first editor/publisher of the Vancouver-based community newspaper, The Philippine Chronicle before it changed hands in early 1991.

In 1997, Marilyn Abundo Cunanan took over as president and publisher when the Canadian government appointed her husband as Member of the Immigration and Refugee Board, a federal quasi-judicial tribunal. Leo O. Cunanan, Jr., a former full time musician and artist/graphic designer assumed the ownership and full responsibility for the publication in 1999.

Dahong Pilipino has served as a reliable guide for Filipinos and other residents of British Columbia. Every year, people searching for the names, addresses and phone numbers of Filipino businesses, professionals, and community organizations have turned to the pages of the directory for guidance. It has featured prominent Filipino Canadians, in business, the professions and community service in its “Who’s Who” section. As such, it has projected a positive image of Filipino Canadians and highlighted their contributions to Canadian society.

The year 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of Dahong Pilipino as a publication. In this edition, the annual directory will expand its coverage of business enterprises and community organizations and publish interesting articles in its editorial section. This 25th Anniversary Edition reaffirms the directory’s commitment to its objective of serving as a guide to newly arrived immigrants, several generations of Filipino Canadians, and other residents of BC. At the same time, it will increase its outreach to non-Filipino businesses and clients that could benefit from the goods and services provided by expanding Filipino Canadian market. Aside from its regular sections of useful listing and description of business and professional resources, the 2016 Anniversary Edition will features special articles in its community section.

By emphasizing its utility to people in need of a guide to business and professional services and its focus on community activities, the 2016 Anniversary Edition of Dahong Pilipino provides a special opportunity to reach the more than 135,000 Filipinos in BC and thousands more in other ethnic communities. This special issue, that will be treasured by Filipino Canadians and be used as a reliable guide from year to year, offers a wide-reaching opportunity for advertising your products and services.